Chris Shkreli

Chris Shkreli CrossFit Gym Coach In Hawthorne Near Me


Kids/Teens Trainer
Sports Performance
Movement & Mobility


Chris is a former High School and Collegiate Athlete in multiple sports, including football, baseball, crew, and diving.

Competition has always played a large role in Chris’ life, and it was his love of sport and competition that gravitated him towards CrossFit and the fitness industry.

Chris has been working in the industry for over 15 years in both personal training and group class settings. He has a passion for never being complacent and continues learning how to be a better athlete, a better coach, and a better trainer overall.

Adapting the motto “Community Over Competition” has taken Chris’ love for the industry to new heights. It has helped him to remember that the number one focus should always be his clients, their goals, and their successes above everything else. When the community succeeds, we all benefit and share in that joy.