Jessica Wilson


ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist
CrossFit Level 1


Jess started her own fitness journey when she was tired of feeling uncomfortable in her body ten years ago. She went from being someone that did absolutely no physical activity to the complete opposite. Starting with “watching what she ate” and playing DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution), she was able to see changes in how she felt and looked. Jess was the person that counted calories and was adamant about burning more than what she consumed with hours of cardio and no strength training because it was intimidating, and she didn’t want to look “manly.” She was obsessed with the number on the scale and had to hit that specific number to be in a comfortable spot, or she felt fat. Jess kept herself from eating certain things because that meant more calories to burn to get to her goal.

Jess started to learn about BMR, caloric surplus and deficit, macros, and how weight training tied into that. After challenging herself to commit to eating more of what actually fueled her body, incorporating weight training and less cardio, she felt less drained, and the gym wasn’t a chore anymore. Jess understood that building muscle was helping her long-term goals, not only with how her body transformed but what she was able to do and the increase in energy she now had.

Jess realized most people are in the same mindset she once was, wondering where to start. Jess began training others because she wanted to help people understand achieving their fitness goals is different for everyone. Having a plan and knowledge of how to get, there is so important. Since being a personal trainer, Jess has learned so much more about fitness from others and watched clients transform and reach goals they never thought possible. Jess hopes to continue expanding on what she has learned thus far and continue changing lives.